By Rushel Kadir

Nairobi is a beehive of activities during the day. People hustle and bustle to earn a living and make ends meet. Umoja Estate in Nairobi is no different. From small business to wild fanciful public transport vehicles “Nganya’s” zipping by with vibrant messages daubed on their sides are common features you will not miss in the area. A rolling dusty road down one of the streets in the area leads to a barber shop that’s making its name echo around in Eastlands, Nairobi.


Welcome to States barbershop lounge, the haven that is the heart and soul of the populous Umoja Innercore Estate. This is not your ordinary barbershop without reasonable doubt. At a glance, it looks like one of the city matatus pimped with fancy graffiti on the exterior and flashy lights inside.


Upon entry into the shop you are warmly welcomed and offered a place to sit. An assortment of hot, cold, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage is offered to you based on your preference. 

Beautiful music from diverse culture rent the air and diverts your attention for a while. There is no scramble for clients in this  haven. No….No….No. You choose your preferred barber or wait for a barber of your choice to be unengaged.


The ambiance is amazing, from neat towels and clean space to warm and friendly staff.

Far from the attractive  interior and exterior decor the hair cuts are on another level of excellence. Whats more, the shave comes with a soothing and relaxing head massage from beautiful ladies who are part of the staff. Manicure and pedicure are offered at an additional fee as well.

Shaving kids is usually a nightmare – tauntrams and cries. But States babershop is kid friendly. Kids get their shave on a toy car making it playtime and shave-time so, no cries.


And it’s only at States barbershop where you’ll earn credit points for services that can be redeemed for a free shave or gift depending on the season.

Clients are offered credit points any time you are shaved or offered a service and this can be redeemed with a free shave or gifts depending on the season.

Next time you are in Umoja area this is a must try. Endeavor to experience executive service done with finesse and care.


The future of branding is personal in this day and age. Branding has evolved from adverts and billboards to building a relationship with the consumer. Today’s modern consumer is flooded with smart options and is tired of being marketed to. All they relate to is an unforgettable experience.

People grow attached to brands that want to engage them, provide an unforgettable experience and ultimately improve their lives. Take time to grow your personal brand & incorporate it in your business to boost sales and grow your brand.

People will remember you more, not for who you are but how you made them feel. If the current market is anything to go by, successful companies and brands are those that provide human and personalized experiences.

Question is, Can your consumers relate to your brand?


By Rushel Kadir

My friend Sam was an excellent accountant working for a fast-rising company within Nairobi. Everything was working out well for him except that he had remained unlucky in love and his efforts to find the right lady bore no fruit. Cupid never had him on his roster. At the beginning of this year during a financial expo organized by his company, he came into contact with Kate.  He developed a crush on her and they instantly sparked a relationship. You know how it goes with new love- text messages, long unending calls and within a few weeks, they were inseparable.

Valentines was fast approaching and like the rest of the world, he didn’t want to be left behind. He went online to search for a restaurant. Somewhere with a nice ambiance, great food and most importantly a place that would wow Kate. From the photos and branding done for the restaurant X, everything was beyond perfect from the interior decor, presentation and the many reviews the restaurant had online. Being their first valentines and of course still on the verge of wooing Kate, all he hoped for was for everything to go as planned.


The reality on the ground of restaurant X was disappointing. Started with them not getting a table for almost half an hour.This is after making reservations two weeks in advance.The food was cold and the staff were very rude. Nothing of their preference was on their menu hence had to settle for what was there. I  actually thought they would leave for another restaurant. I mean value for money right? Come on Sam! However, he thought that most restaurants would be full bearing in mind most people were out with their loved ones. Poor Sam, all he wanted was to make Kate happy. Thank God she is such an understanding soul. God bless her. However, this got me thinking how many of us brands focus on building an image, fancy appearance that is much greater than our reality?

When it comes to the game of personal branding, you need to work more on your craft and reality. People need to be wowed when they come into contact with your brand. More of “WOW!”, YOU are much better than what I heard or saw online.

When you focus more on creating a perception that doesn’t match your reality:

1. You lose your authenticity as a brand.

2. Because you are not reflecting reality, you may end up with misdirection, mistakes and missed opportunities for your brand.

3. Eventually, the truth comes out. If your truth doesn’t match the perceptions you have portrayed for your brand, you will lose the trust of others.

Well if you are not happy with the reality of your brand, take time every day to improve it because it is important for your end game.


The Maasai community have maintained a strong cultural brand since time immemorial. They profoundly represent Kenya and other tribes to the world at large.

Move Your Movement

Move Your Movement


by Rushel Kadir

I have the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in airports because of the nature of my job. Almost invariably when in an airport, I notice scores of people who are always in a hurry mostly to catch their next flight. I more often than not use it as a comparison of how many people devote their whole lives to fields of endeavor’s that have nothing to do with their gifts or talents. It is quite sad that some understand that they are brands and have immense power within them but still choose to do nothing about their potential. However, what does it take to move your movement and ignite your brand? What moves are needed to run that movement?

“Most people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are”

Appreciating who you are and what you are made of is of the essence in getting your brand out there. Then intentionally follow the steps below;

FIND YOUR VOICE – Find something unique about yourself. Something that makes you stand out and use it as a tool to move. 

FIND YOUR SPACE – Find the gap in the world and fill it in. Ask yourself, who are you? And what are you offering that nobody can’t? Incorporate your brand and thrive the best way you know how to. Wait! Don’t forget to reach your highest threshold.

NETWORK – Your network is your net worth when it comes to personal branding. Allow yourself to be in spaces and social scenes that allow your full brand to surface. Be all about positive network to enhance positive growth.

FIND YOUR AUDIENCE – Make sure your brand is directed to the right audience because they will improve your growth.

STAY RELEVANT – Remember it’s a competitive world. Always be the best version of yourself at all times. Research as much as possible about the market. Then unleash full throttle.

All said and done, remember that the only place to start is where you are right now. The question for every one of us to settle on is not what we would do if we had the means, time, influence, or educational advantages, but if we had nothing. Almost everything comes from nothing, so move your movement today. 



By Rushel Kadir


T.D Jakes a renowned televangelist and one of the best-selling authors around the globe has continued to impact people’s lives positively for a long time. With a staunch background in Christian faith, and immense wisdom he continues to be an iconic epitome in society. Once during a live interview on television, he was asked what makes him be the best throughout all seasons. In his thunderous voice, he answered,  

“I do not worry about anyone being T.D Jakes because it is not a competition. No one can do what I do the way I do it”

Well, this begs the questions;

1. Do you know where your power and strength lies?

2. Do you know yourself and your potential?

Many people continue to wallow in a world that is trying to force us to be who we are not. Ever wondered how the world would be if we all understood what our strengths are? and actually worked towards envisioning them. How then do we get to understand who we are? Our strengths and how we can align them to ignite our brands. 

Take a pen and paper, and answer the following questions. This will allow you to understand who you are and where your powers lie in just a few minutes. 

1. What can you do naturally that others spend hours in training learning to do?

2. What thing are you very critical about? The truth of the matter is our purpose is partly in line with something we are very critical about. 

3. What areas of your life do you receive praises mostly? What’s that thing that you do and people instantly associate with you?

4. What would you do for free just for the love of it even if money wasn’t an option?

5. What thing would you do in a heartbeat, even if you’re extremely worn out?

6. Do you sometimes come up with solutions about things in areas you are critical about simply because you are passionate about it and you can tell if it’s right or wrong?

The culmination of all these answers will give you your passion and strengths which is your maiden power when it comes to personal branding. 

When you know yourself, it is easy to make self-assessment continuously and gauge where you are when it comes to your brand growth. 

Personal branding is all about knowing who you are, what you represent and intentionally actualize you dream. 

Breaking The Chains




It was the longest 40 minutes of my life. Seated in line waiting to be interviewed. The palms of my hands were sweating and I bet the interviewee next to me could hear the rhythm of my heartbeat. I was finally next in line, next to my dreams with a roller-coaster of thoughts running through my mind.

This was a big deal for me, I had to go for it. But as it turned out to be at the time, my all wasn’t the best. The interview process was fair, to say the least but I didn’t make it. 

It was a major setback towards realizing my dream as a flight attendant. Just like any form of setback and frustration, being demoralized took the bettet part of me. 

In life, there are people who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say what happened. I chose to make it happen; I made a second and third application and eventually made it into the flying school on the third time. 

It was a sigh of relief, but the whole experience of going for my dreams ruthlessly taught me a lot about defying all odds and breaking chains. Chains of self-pity and undermining myself.

The mind is like a muscle, a weak one can be conditioned for strength. Negative thinking slowly dampens your spirit and hinders your brand from surfacing. 

Can you feel the weight of your misfortune, lack of money, fear weighing you down? Keeping you stuck and preventing you from igniting your brand or being the person you truly are or want to be? It is completely normal to have such feelings. It’s what makes us human. But they are not meant to be with us.

Which brings us to the question, what makes a good brand? A good brand is precisely aware of their weakness and recognizes it as their weakest link that must be detached. 

What habitual and negative thoughts are keeping you from your success, brand awareness and brand actualization?

Identifying them is the first step towards getting rid of them from your conscience and replacing them with positive energy that will motivate you to be the brand that you should be. You’re capable of conditioning your mind to perform amazing things.

Take control of your mind to be the master of your own destiny in actualizing your brand.

This is it

Happy New Year good people, hoping you all made it safely into 2018 and you’re rejuvenated and geared up for this new year. I take this chance to humbly welcome you to my blog. 

I have been passionate and keen on personal image and grooming for as long as I can remember. From selecting my Sunday best clothes and neatly pressing them for church, to being awarded best cleanliness certificate back in primary school. I have grown to embrace it as my daily routine and a tool that empowers and builds my confidence. Today I work for a leading international airline as a flight attendant and we all know how vital grooming and personal image is important in this industry.  

Your image is your business card. It’s the very first thing that people will use to judge you when they meet you, and as we all know first impression is what sticks around for long. On the other hand, we increasingly live in a world where we need to stand out. The world is full of so many people who are academically qualified, technically gifted and generally talented. This simply compels you to be unique and bring your A-Game at all times and be a brand in today’s world we don’t sell products or ideas we sell brands. 

This blog is all about self discovery, image and behavior refinement, because they are important for your next level of success and personal growth. For as cheesy as this sounds, everybody on this earth is a snowflake. No one has your unique perspective, experience, vantage point, mind or heart. Use it to become the best version of yourself because you are a brand. Your voice, your thoughts, your perspective; nobody has it. Take that bold step and ignite your brand today.