By Rushel Kadir


T.D Jakes a renowned televangelist and one of the best-selling authors around the globe has continued to impact people’s lives positively for a long time. With a staunch background in Christian faith, and immense wisdom he continues to be an iconic epitome in society. Once during a live interview on television, he was asked what makes him be the best throughout all seasons. In his thunderous voice, he answered,  

“I do not worry about anyone being T.D Jakes because it is not a competition. No one can do what I do the way I do it”

Well, this begs the questions;

1. Do you know where your power and strength lies?

2. Do you know yourself and your potential?

Many people continue to wallow in a world that is trying to force us to be who we are not. Ever wondered how the world would be if we all understood what our strengths are? and actually worked towards envisioning them. How then do we get to understand who we are? Our strengths and how we can align them to ignite our brands. 

Take a pen and paper, and answer the following questions. This will allow you to understand who you are and where your powers lie in just a few minutes. 

1. What can you do naturally that others spend hours in training learning to do?

2. What thing are you very critical about? The truth of the matter is our purpose is partly in line with something we are very critical about. 

3. What areas of your life do you receive praises mostly? What’s that thing that you do and people instantly associate with you?

4. What would you do for free just for the love of it even if money wasn’t an option?

5. What thing would you do in a heartbeat, even if you’re extremely worn out?

6. Do you sometimes come up with solutions about things in areas you are critical about simply because you are passionate about it and you can tell if it’s right or wrong?

The culmination of all these answers will give you your passion and strengths which is your maiden power when it comes to personal branding. 

When you know yourself, it is easy to make self-assessment continuously and gauge where you are when it comes to your brand growth. 

Personal branding is all about knowing who you are, what you represent and intentionally actualize you dream. 

Breaking The Chains




It was the longest 40 minutes of my life. Seated in line waiting to be interviewed. The palms of my hands were sweating and I bet the interviewee next to me could hear the rhythm of my heartbeat. I was finally next in line, next to my dreams with a roller-coaster of thoughts running through my mind.

This was a big deal for me, I had to go for it. But as it turned out to be at the time, my all wasn’t the best. The interview process was fair, to say the least but I didn’t make it. 

It was a major setback towards realizing my dream as a flight attendant. Just like any form of setback and frustration, being demoralized took the bettet part of me. 

In life, there are people who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say what happened. I chose to make it happen; I made a second and third application and eventually made it into the flying school on the third time. 

It was a sigh of relief, but the whole experience of going for my dreams ruthlessly taught me a lot about defying all odds and breaking chains. Chains of self-pity and undermining myself.

The mind is like a muscle, a weak one can be conditioned for strength. Negative thinking slowly dampens your spirit and hinders your brand from surfacing. 

Can you feel the weight of your misfortune, lack of money, fear weighing you down? Keeping you stuck and preventing you from igniting your brand or being the person you truly are or want to be? It is completely normal to have such feelings. It’s what makes us human. But they are not meant to be with us.

Which brings us to the question, what makes a good brand? A good brand is precisely aware of their weakness and recognizes it as their weakest link that must be detached. 

What habitual and negative thoughts are keeping you from your success, brand awareness and brand actualization?

Identifying them is the first step towards getting rid of them from your conscience and replacing them with positive energy that will motivate you to be the brand that you should be. You’re capable of conditioning your mind to perform amazing things.

Take control of your mind to be the master of your own destiny in actualizing your brand.