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Happy New Year good people, hoping you all made it safely into 2018 and you’re rejuvenated and geared up for this new year. I take this chance to humbly welcome you to my blog. 

I have been passionate and keen on personal image and grooming for as long as I can remember. From selecting my Sunday best clothes and neatly pressing them for church, to being awarded best cleanliness certificate back in primary school. I have grown to embrace it as my daily routine and a tool that empowers and builds my confidence. Today I work for a leading international airline as a flight attendant and we all know how vital grooming and personal image is important in this industry.  

Your image is your business card. It’s the very first thing that people will use to judge you when they meet you, and as we all know first impression is what sticks around for long. On the other hand, we increasingly live in a world where we need to stand out. The world is full of so many people who are academically qualified, technically gifted and generally talented. This simply compels you to be unique and bring your A-Game at all times and be a brand in today’s world we don’t sell products or ideas we sell brands. 

This blog is all about self discovery, image and behavior refinement, because they are important for your next level of success and personal growth. For as cheesy as this sounds, everybody on this earth is a snowflake. No one has your unique perspective, experience, vantage point, mind or heart. Use it to become the best version of yourself because you are a brand. Your voice, your thoughts, your perspective; nobody has it. Take that bold step and ignite your brand today.

  1. Its a great journey you have started, i now you to be a very exemplary person , focused and eye for details.
    This is without any doubt your thing and its gonna led you to great highest.
    I’m in for a lovely journey.
    Stay focused and be blessed bro!

  2. This is definitely IT!
    Here to walk this journey together

  3. This is a great move, I can wait for future posts. Nice start my friend

  4. This is amazing!Keep inspiring change Rushel!

  5. This is amazing!Keep inspiring change Rushel!

  6. Breaking the chain,
    Tts a lovely piece, and we can resonate with every experience written down.
    Keep inspiring us Rushel……..
    God bless you

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