Move Your Movement

Move Your Movement


by Rushel Kadir

I have the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in airports because of the nature of my job. Almost invariably when in an airport, I notice scores of people who are always in a hurry mostly to catch their next flight. I more often than not use it as a comparison of how many people devote their whole lives to fields of endeavor’s that have nothing to do with their gifts or talents. It is quite sad that some understand that they are brands and have immense power within them but still choose to do nothing about their potential. However, what does it take to move your movement and ignite your brand? What moves are needed to run that movement?

“Most people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are”

Appreciating who you are and what you are made of is of the essence in getting your brand out there. Then intentionally follow the steps below;

FIND YOUR VOICE – Find something unique about yourself. Something that makes you stand out and use it as a tool to move. 

FIND YOUR SPACE – Find the gap in the world and fill it in. Ask yourself, who are you? And what are you offering that nobody can’t? Incorporate your brand and thrive the best way you know how to. Wait! Don’t forget to reach your highest threshold.

NETWORK – Your network is your net worth when it comes to personal branding. Allow yourself to be in spaces and social scenes that allow your full brand to surface. Be all about positive network to enhance positive growth.

FIND YOUR AUDIENCE – Make sure your brand is directed to the right audience because they will improve your growth.

STAY RELEVANT – Remember it’s a competitive world. Always be the best version of yourself at all times. Research as much as possible about the market. Then unleash full throttle.

All said and done, remember that the only place to start is where you are right now. The question for every one of us to settle on is not what we would do if we had the means, time, influence, or educational advantages, but if we had nothing. Almost everything comes from nothing, so move your movement today. 

  1. Amazing piece.

  2. Honestly , your knowledge and proficiency in writing is great!
    I always look forward to each new blog ,KEEP inspiring us to push beyond our limits and achieve something greater than ourselves.

    Thank you

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