By Rushel Kadir

Nairobi is a beehive of activities during the day. People hustle and bustle to earn a living and make ends meet. Umoja Estate in Nairobi is no different. From small business to wild fanciful public transport vehicles “Nganya’s” zipping by with vibrant messages daubed on their sides are common features you will not miss in the area. A rolling dusty road down one of the streets in the area leads to a barber shop that’s making its name echo around in Eastlands, Nairobi.


Welcome to States barbershop lounge, the haven that is the heart and soul of the populous Umoja Innercore Estate. This is not your ordinary barbershop without reasonable doubt. At a glance, it looks like one of the city matatus pimped with fancy graffiti on the exterior and flashy lights inside.


Upon entry into the shop you are warmly welcomed and offered a place to sit. An assortment of hot, cold, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage is offered to you based on your preference. 

Beautiful music from diverse culture rent the air and diverts your attention for a while. There is no scramble for clients in this  haven. No….No….No. You choose your preferred barber or wait for a barber of your choice to be unengaged.


The ambiance is amazing, from neat towels and clean space to warm and friendly staff.

Far from the attractive  interior and exterior decor the hair cuts are on another level of excellence. Whats more, the shave comes with a soothing and relaxing head massage from beautiful ladies who are part of the staff. Manicure and pedicure are offered at an additional fee as well.

Shaving kids is usually a nightmare – tauntrams and cries. But States babershop is kid friendly. Kids get their shave on a toy car making it playtime and shave-time so, no cries.


And it’s only at States barbershop where you’ll earn credit points for services that can be redeemed for a free shave or gift depending on the season.

Clients are offered credit points any time you are shaved or offered a service and this can be redeemed with a free shave or gifts depending on the season.

Next time you are in Umoja area this is a must try. Endeavor to experience executive service done with finesse and care.


The future of branding is personal in this day and age. Branding has evolved from adverts and billboards to building a relationship with the consumer. Today’s modern consumer is flooded with smart options and is tired of being marketed to. All they relate to is an unforgettable experience.

People grow attached to brands that want to engage them, provide an unforgettable experience and ultimately improve their lives. Take time to grow your personal brand & incorporate it in your business to boost sales and grow your brand.

People will remember you more, not for who you are but how you made them feel. If the current market is anything to go by, successful companies and brands are those that provide human and personalized experiences.

Question is, Can your consumers relate to your brand?

  1. “People grow attached to brands that want to engage them, provide an unforgettable experience and ultimately improve their lives.” couldn’t be more accurate!

  2. Nice Read.

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